Homecoming 2019: 10/25 - 10/27


El Paso Everywhere

One weekend where El Pasoans abroad can come back to experience the people and projects that are actively transforming our region.


See the Progress

One Region One Table, 2018

Be Entertained!

An outdoor culinary experience, an Intimate musical event (artist to be announced) and break-out cultural experiences


Be Enlightened!

A curated series of conversations and deep dives into the region’s emerging industries, including panel discussions and workshops


Be Inspired!

Direct access to city leaders and tours of signature downtown projects


Be Transformed!

Opportunities to join El Paso’s relaunch and invest in this region through networking and mixers


Influencers + YOU

El Paso is transforming because of the changemakers who have shaped policy, investments and innovation. We would love to see what happens when someone like you meets someone like them at The Pass!





Incentives, real estate moves and daring projects have produced a vibrancy not seen since the 1930s! Hear the backstory of what has become the heart of the city. Cafés, night spots, performing arts, sports and trolley cars are now the regular scene–any night of the week!

Private + Public Partnerships

See the significant strides the city and county have made in opening up new investment opportunities! Recent agreements have resulted in commercial real estate development, Downtown revitalization and quality of life projects

commercial + industrial Real Estate

Learn how our region’s expanded role as an international inland port has produced eye-popping growth. Consumer trade is also reaching a new benchmark in El Paso, where Latin American shoppers and US retailers converge as never before!


Listen to the “how-I-built-this” stories of current and former El Paso entrepreneurs. What role did their hometown play in their rise? What role will the city play in their future? What’s different now that makes El Paso a smart investment move on so many levels?


Technology incubators, angel investors, ideas-to-market. Explore the concerted effort to supply home-grown inventions to US and international distributors. What are some of these ideas? How the Border has forged the ideal workforce to produce them.


Beyond tacos: What’s changed in the food that fuels a renaissance?  How an expanded palette reflects a new awareness of our responsibility to the planet and to ourselves, with an appreciative nod to mama’s kitchen.